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Bosom Buddy #RD100 Weighted Breast Form, BEIGE

Bosom Buddy #RD100 Weighted, Non-silicone breast form with weighted filler pillows

The answer to the heat issue caused by traditional silicone prosthesis

Bosom Buddy® is a versatile breast form with many innovative features make it a preferred alternative to silicone for many women. Some of Bosom Buddy's™ unique characteristics are: 

  • Adjustable weight. Soft weighted pillows are easily inserted or removed from Bosom Buddy.All-fabric construction, with no silicone, plastic or rubber used in the form. Silky nylon on the front, and soothing 100% cotton jersey on the back next to your skin, each bonded to a layer of polyester fiberfill.
  • Washable and Fully weighted with small "pillows" that contain tiny smooth glass beads the size of a pin head encased in polyester fiberfill and covered with nylon tricot. A different number of pillows in each breast form, depending on the size.
  • Adjustable in both weight and fullness by adding or removing pillows from the breast form.
  • The Round Bosom Buddy fits both radical or modified radical surgery. The round style fits snugly within the bra cup, without extending outside the cup.
  • Also, can be worn in a regular, non-pocketed bra, and fits either left or right side.
  • Convenient storage and travel, with no bulky box in your drawer or suitcase.
  • Completely hand washable, inside and out, just as you treat your fine lingerie.
  • Bosom Buddy comes in beige and brown.
  • Designed by a mastectomy survivor for mastectomees!
    Bosom Buddy fits more than 40 brassiere sizes, from the smallest to the largest. The size prosthesis needed is determined by the bra and cup size you wear.

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    Bra Size: 32A, 32AA32B32C32D32DD32DDD34A34AA34B34C34D34DD34DDD36A36AA36B36C36D36DD36DDD38A38AA38B38C38D38DD38DDD40A40AA40B40C40D40DD40DDD42A42AA42B42C42D42DD42DDD44A44B44C44D44DD44DDD46A46B46C46D

    Color: Beige, Brown

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